Regardless of the media mess out there, there is always something good to find in any situation you find you self in.

As lock-down lessened, Christine and I ended up back in the Defender building continuing the work. Working together was good fun, even if I call screw drivers pliers and tape a pen. I know I have the right word in my head but what comes out my mouth is quite different.

We would yell at each other numbers and cables and “Pull”. “Don’t Pull.” And even a couple of oppes. One time I was pulling some slack on a cable and thought, “I’d don’t remember this much slack at the other end.” Sure enough I had not terminated the other end and the cables dissappeared in to the conduite, so had to pull the cable right our and run it again.

We used a shop vac to suck a plastic bag attached to a string, an then we could pull the cables back through.

This was April and May 2020.