Now where did cable 173 go.

It’s a good thing I have a fair dose of OCD.

Several people passed by, looked at what was perceived as a mess and said, “Better you than me…” It was not as bad as it looked, everything was pretty much in order, except cable 173, I know it was down here some where, along with several pens, rolls of electrical tape and zip-ties. Oh, is that were my pliers got to.

This was all coming up on the COVID shutdown. We got over 90% of the cables laid and a good 50% terminated. March and the beginning of April was pretty much shut down, and more time was spent on developing Journey, another project. Have a look at it at One things about this year, it really had been a year of projects. Got a project you want to get up on the ‘net? Check out websites for YWAMers here, and websites for anyone here