What does it take to broadcast around the world?

The Hardware

Wifi is okay, but a cable is better.
Unless you have a managed network, people constantly monitoring and managing a network, there can be a gap between a thing failing and you want to use it and it is not there.

Fibre in the backbone.

We have fibre coming from the mainland, to Honolulu & the Big Island, then to Kona and up in to the Campus. Fibre is good, you can run 100s of KMs of fibre at a go.
Currently we are running a couple of Fibre connections on campus, one for all the Wifi and the other for everything else. Wifi is our biggest user.

Copper for broadcasting.

Once we get Fibre on to Campus and in to the main building we then build out the copper. All hardware, laptops, computers, TVs use an ethernet Jack and plug in to what is on the left here.

Our fastest Internet speed on Campus is 1,000 Mb or 1 Gb.
The cables we are putting in can handle 10 Gb!
So lots of future proofing.

What is a Gb? 1,000,000,000 bits of data a second. (more…)

Post Lock-down

Regardless of the media mess out there, there is always something good to find in any situation you find you self in.

As lock-down lessened, Christine and I ended up back in the Defender building continuing the work. Working together was good fun, even if I call screw drivers pliers and tape a pen. I know I have the right word in my head but what comes out my mouth is quite different.

We would yell at each other numbers and cables and “Pull”. “Don’t Pull.” And even a couple of oppes. One time I was pulling some slack on a cable and thought, “I’d don’t remember this much slack at the other end.” Sure enough I had not terminated the other end and the cables dissappeared in to the conduite, so had to pull the cable right our and run it again.

We used a shop vac to suck a plastic bag attached to a string, an then we could pull the cables back through.

This was April and May 2020.

The tangle grows

Now where did cable 173 go.

It’s a good thing I have a fair dose of OCD.

Several people passed by, looked at what was perceived as a mess and said, “Better you than me…” It was not as bad as it looked, everything was pretty much in order, except cable 173, I know it was down here some where, along with several pens, rolls of electrical tape and zip-ties. Oh, is that were my pliers got to.

This was all coming up on the COVID shutdown. We got over 90% of the cables laid and a good 50% terminated. March and the beginning of April was pretty much shut down, and more time was spent on developing Journey, another project. Have a look at it at https://kokua.family. One things about this year, it really had been a year of projects. Got a project you want to get up on the ‘net? Check out websites for YWAMers here https://ywam.life, and websites for anyone here https://ainet.biz.

The Plan

  • 230 cat 6 cables
  • 9 kilometres of wiring
  • 11 cables for wifi
  • 18 security camera to keep people safe
  • 16 classrooms

After about three weeks we had laid around 200 cables, at this time the six wonderful ladies started going home.

Kokua & the Defender build out.

We started with six Kokua from Pennsylvania. They were in Kona for about three weeks and I got to work with them and start laying cables.

There are all sorts of opportunities to serve in Kona. Check out https://kokuacrew.org/.

Even at an international level, go and have a look at https://www.missionbuilders.org/
As of August 2020 things are opening up and there are places you can go and serve.

We are also starting a program for travelers to fine interesting people doing interesting things anywhere in the world. https://kokua.family. This is a Kingdom of God program. Are you a Farm, Family, YWAM location, body of Jesus, Group or any place and people that want to host travelers? Come and join https://kokua.family, create your Ohana, and advertise yourself. Are you a traveler? Join https://kokua.family and set up your Kokua profile, search the world for people to walk and work with.