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Digital LibraryGoogle for NGO

Hosted Websites

We Host Websites.
We run a cPanel Server inside of Google to guarantee your performance and reliability.
We offer SSL certificates at no extra cost and run daily backups.
Come in either under an existing domain name or bring one with you.

$135 US/ Year.

Google for non profits

We work with you to get you inside Google,  free, as a registered non-profit in your country.
But not just Google, we help you to get on TechSoup so you can take advantage of many companies that off their servers at a fraction of their commercial rate.

Go digital

We can help you with specialized databases, over a hundred different Content Management Systems, all provided from the power of Open Source.
We also help to manage the University of the Nations Digital Library.
Also check out our list of skilled Tent Makers.

Google for non-profits

Google has made their suite of products, now called Google Workspace, available for you, as an NGO, free of charge.
We want to work with you to get you into, then apply for a free account with Google.
Then we can give you the tools to manage your email inside of Google.

Create a Gmail account for all your countries staff. Use Google Classroom for your schools. Manage your teams, schools, and locations.
Be branded around your name in your country.

How Does the Internet Works

The Internet can be a rather strange place, from Analytics to Social Media to managing your website.
We seek to run self-directed classes so you can learn at your pace to make the most of the internet, the tools like Google and Facebook offer you free of charge, and to find specific tools we are developing to help you manage your location and even your country.

Why use us?

We have been involved in all things Internet for the last 25 years. We have been involved in all things computing for over 40 years.
Macs, Windows, and Linux. Android and iPhones. We have had all these technologies in pieces on a workbench at some time in the past.
Currently, we are based in Kona, Hawaii, but that does not limit us from helping people in New Zealand, India, and where ever you might be.

Access Information

This is the name of the parent company whose skills we get to leverage. They have been building servers, netowrks and websites for over 25 years.


Digital Library

If you are staff in Youth with a Mission anywhere in the world, we want to offer you a free account in the University of the Nations Digital Library.
Follow this link and register.

Coding & Websites

We are building out a classroom in Google Classroom to help you to learn to code.
Go to
Coding Code is zrg5krm
WordPress Code is 54wijky

Tent making

Looking for someone to help you with your technical needs?
Are you a person who has technical skills?
Check out our listing of people that can help you. 

Our Tent Makers.


Here are some things we have been working on.


Want some in person information

We take calls!

Our Experts

We are sure to have some one that can help you with what you need.

Calvin Hanson

Web Designer

Lindsay Laidlaw

Website Designer

Tony Arus

All round geek

We want you

Whatever your tech skills


Online Learning

The tools we want to have are both hardware and software. Hardware. A production computer with two screens.Streaming cameraUSB capture deviceWired internet Software Google ClassroomOBS video software (free)Youtube account   Why Choose Crypto? Why Choose Us?At...


Convert a Picture We want to find pictures over a certain size in MB. We want to resize them so they are only 1000px wide. We want to compress the quality to 80%. find /home/bigmac/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-easycart-data/products/pics4 -size +1M | while read...

Google Classroom for Teachers

Access Google Classroom as a Teacher. In almost ever Google App, you will find this. Click on the 3 by 3 dots and choose Classroom, often found at the bottom of the list.   You can also just go to A little thing to be careful about. If...

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 We offer many helps that will not cost you a cent. If you also have a budget, we can make it go along way. +1-808-498-7146

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