Online Classes with StarLink

This is both a vision and a reality that is coming to pass.

The first  Starlink launch of just two satellites was in February 2018.

May 2019 saw 60 satellites launched on one Falcon 9. A recent Starlink launch, in October 2020 saw another 60 launched bringing the total to 775.  


And every time I turn my back, Spacex has sent up another 60.


2021, Spacex is looking at doing a launch every 2 weeks.


We have already applied to be part of the Beta testing of this constellation, but being in Hawaii we are a little south of the current target audience.

Hopefully, next year, when their constellation extends down to us, we will be able to procure a dish and start experimenting with Firewalls, Online classes and Media Servers.

Email me if this interested you

Online Classes

We are interested in the democratizing of learning.
How do we empower the 3/4 world access learning that is so available to us, the 1/4 world?
Who is already the next Newton, Gutenberg, Babbage, Kelvin? Just needing the fire of knowldge to get them going?



Pedang to the Philippines.

Kona to Rewanda.

SBS, DBS, R&R, Comms, Coding.

Teachers and Technictions.


We will need your help to partner with us in this new technology.

For the hardware.

For the subscription.


Gutenberg revolution the world with the printing press.
Babbage invented the computer before it ever could be built.
In Starlink these two things are combined.

What is the goal?

It is easy to say we want to run online classes, but how do you link the parts together. What parts do you need to have. How will you mange the edge cases for when things do not go as supposed.


Local & Remote.

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Learning in real-time, either live or remotely.
These people get to sit in a classroom, in a remote classroom in another country, or just in their home.
They view the lecture live, they can intact with the lecturer and fellow classmates.
A good lecturer will have preset interactive online activities so even the remote people who are by themselves feel involved.




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This for students that are not in real-time.

They can be anywhere in the world, and follow the lectures after they have happened. They still get to interact with the class as much as their time zone allows. And as much as the lecturer makes their class interactive.


24/7 Availability

One on one coaches.

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With coaches in different time zones, locations that might have several students, people learning independently. Google Classroom gives you the ability to have a 24/7 classroom.


Can be location based.

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The cost of the class would depend on the location it is being taken.

Equally, how you take the course will determine what credits area available.

From local in person, with housing, all the way to remote asynchronous course audit only.

What we think the parts are

There is a hunger from people that want to learn. We have people that want to impart what they already know. There are people that can run the classroom side of the school.

We need the skills and people to connect them all together.

    • Are you a leader of a school that wants to go online?
    • Are you a student that wants to learn online?
    • Are you a geek? Do you want to learn how to stage a Google Classroom, setup up an OBS recording desk, manage the Google Meet or Zoom, record, and distribute the lecture for the asynchronous learner?
    • Are you a geek traveler? Want to learn how to deploy Starlink base stations?
    • Are you a mentor, wanting to provide one on one distance learning support?

    The Cost of Starlink as of November 2020.

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