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It is interesting that during the COVID time there has been talking about a new mountain to climb? Are you familiar with the seven spheres of influence? Have a look at this article on

Cyber Sphere

Tony & Christine Arcus

We work on the Kona Campus with LETS, Life Empowering Technology & Science.

We run a business, that does Web Hosting, Linux Servers, Forensics, and Repairs.

If you have a website that needs refreshing, rescuing, or relocation, please contact us.

Lindsay Laidlaw

Hey I’m Lindsay!

I’ve been crafting websites for over ten years. I work with ministries and businesses to have a clear and professional online presence.

I joined YWAM in 2016. After three years in Honolulu, I have continued work throughout South East Asia.

Calvin Hanson

I help create authentic branding for businesses and nonprofits (and many YWAM ministries). I also design and build custom WordPress websites. Almost anything media and communication is up my alley 🙂

I did my original DTS in 2009 and staffed a few schools, led a team for 2 years to Spain, and have worked in and out of YWAM bases since then. We are currently looking to move back to Spain in the near future.

David Hewitt

Running with over 100 students from over ten different countries and cultures, across multiple time zone.

Karen Johnson

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What does the Cyber Mountain look like?

We understand that Government, Entertainment, Business, Religion are important sphere, but what if the Cybersphere becomes the glue that holds them all together. What if that has already happened?

How do we help about half the world that has no or little access to this sphere?

How do we build systems, today, that help people to thrive, to help people escape the narcissistic nature of Social Media?

How do we reconnect the generation?

Get out into the big blue room?