Keeping YWAM Safe


Do you block bad logins?

Is your website https compliant?

Do you run regular security scans?

Is your wp-admin login page hidden?


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Blocking bad logins

Script kiddies try to hack your website by trying various username and standard password.
We fix this by blocking people who try this, first for 20 minutes then for 24 hours, and if they return we can ban them forever.


https compliance

Google likes to see your website encrupted.
This is when you see the little padlock up in the top left-hand corner of the URL.
No padlock, Google down ranks you.
When you host with us, we provide you with a free SSL certificate to encrypt your website.

Regular Security Scans

We install Wordfence by default.
This will scan your website regularly to make sure everything is up to date and no nasties have found their way in.

Hidden wp-admin login page

To get to your WordPress Dashboard you have to go to your website/wp-admin.
We hid this so only you and I know where to go to get into the Dashboard.
Just another way we keep you safe.

We Offer Hosting

We are running a CentOS Linux Server inside Google, with cPanel to manage and maintain your Website.
We have been creating websites for over fifteen years and hosting them for just as long.
I have most likely given you this link, having sent you an email about your current website. We would like to help you get your website secure, up to date and safe from the nasties of the ‘Net.

Your Options

All options on SiteMaster and WebMaster are items you can learn yourself on our Google Classroom.
Class code is 54wijky

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