To activate a Google Non-Profit account I had to do it this way round, even though we already had a TechSoup account.

  1. Go to
  2. Login using an account that is with your Organization, in my case I was working for FEBC NZ, so I used
  3. This go me to the Google site for Non-Profits, and I could then choose New Zealand. This site then asked me for my Google Token from NZ TechSoup.
  4. Clicking the link, I was taken to TechSoup for NZ, where I had to login with out TechSoup username and password. It was odd that I could not find the token page on directly.
  5. At this point we already had an expired token, so I created a new one.
  6. Now with a new Token I went back to the Google site. I entered the Token.
  7. Had to next enter a contact phone number and our website.
  8. Next my contact details.
  9. Terms and Conditions.
  10. Done, now activate.

Setting up Google for non-profit.

So this is where things can get a bit involved.

We already have ten free accounts with Google from over ten years ago from the beta trial days.
We are using to use Google gSuites with on top of this.
What would be really nice is if this existing set of accounts could just be upgraded to Google for Non-profit.

  1. I started working my way though the various pages of signing up.
  2. Enter your orginization size.
  3. Your country, in my case I was in the USA filling this out for New Zealand.
  4. My contact information.
  5. We do have a Domain Name, but this is going to get interesting as the domain name is already in use with Google.
  6. Enter your domain.
  7. Yep, it just got interesting

I am in a bit of a lucky position. The main domain name on this Legacy account is The domain name that I was using to get Google for Non-profits was As a reseller I was able to get phone support. And the way we will be making this work is to take out of the account for, get rid of all the aliases that are in where points to an existing user. This does mean for a brief time, emails may not work. Once we have setup in the new non-profit account, we will have to do data migration of emails from to This can be done domain wide in one hit. How ever migration of calendar and drive will need to be done on an account by account basis.


This is actually working well.
I got the domain accepted in Google non-profit, was able to use the Migration tool to bring across the users.
As you see the migration is starting. Not sure how long this will take.
I would really like to try this on a non google domain, and see if I can bring their emails across.

Migrating Emails

In the Admin there is tool for data migration to take all the emails from an existing domain to the new domain.

Migrating Drive

This is a pain in the rear.

  • You have to share ‘My Drive’ with your new account.
  • Then you go to the New Account and make a copy of all the items in each folder, folder by folder, and move them to a new folder in the new account.
    There is NO bulk way to do this.

Migrating Calendar, Contact

  • Run an export out of Calendar/Contact in your old account to your local computer.
  • Run an import of Calendar/Contact from your computer in to your new account.