Journey / Signal

You may be using Whats App or Facebook Messenger, you may already be using Signal.
Well they are spying on you, they are harvesting your information and selling it to other people, that is except Signal.
Signal,,  is a not for profit messaging app does not track or sell you.

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Setting up the Network

We are wanting to create a private Signal Messaging Network. You will be able to communicate with others on the Journey Network with total confidence that your information is not tracked or stored anywhere other than your Phone and the Phone of the person you are talking with.

Setting up the Server

Can you build Linux Servers?
Can you work with GitHub?

Desktop & Mobile

We also need people to test out the Journey Messaging Network.
Want to help us as a testing and UX/UI integrator?

What we know so far

With over twenty years of Linux experience and forty years working with computers, we are wanting to build out the messaging app of Journey on CentOS. We will start with this but may need to move to Debian.

System Requirements.

For obvious security reasons, we want to run our own dedicated hardware, away from the reaches of Amazon, Google, and Apple. However, we still have to play with them, somewhat.

To start with we may incorporate some of their services, but we want to move to a totally open source so Journey can never be taken down due to Big Tech behaving badly.