Being safe out there.

We have worked with websites and their owners to recover them when they got hacked, update them when they have died, and provide good security so these things can not happen again.

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Often we come across a really good website, and the first thing we see is that it is not secure.

The site is not https natively.

This may seem like a small thing, but search engines downrank you if you are not using https, and it means any information sent to you by people visiting your site is not encrypted.

All sites on our server get a free SSL certificate.
We provide https by default.

Hide wp-admin

A second thing we often look at is if wp-admin is hidden.

A hacker can not break into your site if they can not find your admin door.

We help you to install this security plugin, to make your site safe.
If it does not already have the Login Limit plugin we also install that.


WordFence is like a virus scanner for your website.

We install it and let it run and see what it finds.

Often we then need to clean up vulnerabilities, delete the bad files, and sometimes we have to delete bad plugins, generally because the make of the plugin no longer exists. 

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