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  • This site is a resource to get done what you need to get done.
  • To find help with what you want to do.
  • To get rescued when cyberspace releases some nasties at you.





Got a dead website?

Is your site is very out of date, and do you want help updating it?
Is your current hosting not easy to work with or get support?
There are several of us here that can help you with that.

Latest Security Tips.




















Most YWAM locations anywhere in the world are a NGO. There are many resources that may be available to you free of charge, if your register with TechSoup.




















We have been able to help a number of sites get their Websites back.










  • Locations that had their Hosting cancelled due to missed payments, we got their pages back and rebuilt their Site on our server.
  • Locations had lost access to their websites, lost passwords, lost accounts, we got the accounts back and transferred to our hosting server.
  • Websites that have failed due to bad plugins and not being able to get to the WordPress Admin, we get them back.
  • We have also got websites back due to bad DNS records.










Want help? Reach out to us. tonyarcus@uofnkona.edu. +1-808-498-7146